The St. Louis County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy serves a county area that is the largest in the United States East of the Mississippi.  SLCLEC of St. Louis County, Minnesota is a 501c3 volunteer Corporation that is under the authority of the Sheriff's Office, serving both the county law enforcement needs as well as municiple Police Departments, Border Patrol, FBI, DNR, Dispatch, Search & Rescue, and any other law enforcement or emergency service agencies who desire our services.

It is our goal that each of our chaplains become members of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) "Developing Professional Chaplains through Dynamic Education and Support"




Paule Pierre BarbeauRev. Steve Brietbarth
Paule Pierre Barbeau
Serving Since 2017
Rev. Steve Brietbarth
Serving Since 2003
Clint ConsidinePastor Kevin Greene
Clint Considine
Pastor Kevin Greene
Serving Since 2022
Jon Haatajauntitled
Jon Haataja
Serving Since 2018
Rev. John KoopelBrooke LeClaire
Rev. John Koopel
Serving Since 2004
Brooke LeClaire
Serving Since 2015
Rev. Kevin L. NortonFather John Petrich
Rev. Kevin L. Norton
Serving Since 1993
Father John Petrich
Serving Since 1990
Rev. Larry ReedyBob Saunders
Rev. Larry Reedy
Serving Since 2017
Bob Saunders
Serving Since 2017
Father Bill Skarich  
Father Bill Skarich
Serving Since 2009