12 Basic Courses for Chaplains

SLCLEC Chaplains are held to a high standard of knowlege and application. SLCLEC therefore requires each chaplain to take annual training to stay current and sharp with the needs of law enforcement chaplaincy.  Each chaplain is highly motivated to become a member of The International Conference of Police Chaplains (www.icpc4cops.org).  ICPC offers annual training twice a year. Once at its Annual Training Seminar (ATS) and the other at its Regional Training Seminar (RTS).

ICPC offers developing levels of Chaplain Credentials that SLCLEC are encouraged to pursue.  The first level in the series is the Basic Level.  To achieve this level a chaplain must accomlish the 12 core courses which equals 3.5 CEU's of study (30 1/2 hours).  

The 12 Basic Courses are:

B01 Introduction to Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
B02 Death Notification
B03 Stress Management (Burnout, CISM and Post Shoot Trauma segments included)
B04 Ceremonies and Events
B05 Confidentiality and Legal Liability
B06 Ethics
B07 Responding to a Crisis Situation
B08 Law Enforcement Family
B09 Substance Abuse
B10 Suicide
B11 Officer Death or Injury
B12 Sensitivity and Diversity

SLCLEC Chaplains are encouraged to pursue the additional 
ICPC levels of achievement;
Senior Level - 5 years of service and 15 CEU's (150 hours of approved study).
Master Level - 10 years of service and 35 CEU's (350 hours of approved study).
Diplomat Level - 15 years of service and 50 CEU's (500 hours of approved study).
Fellow Level - 20 years of service and 100 CEU's (1000 hours of approved study).