Our Purpose - "Serving Those Who Serve Others"

Law enforcement agencies desire the expertise and support of trained voluntary      
            Emotional and/or spiritual care providers in their work with the public. 
            The purpose of the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Services is to:
1.  Support the efforts of the law enforcement agencies by offering  
                 Emotional and spiritual guidance and assistance to person confronted with crisis                                             
                 experiences, when requested.
            2.  Serve as a communication link between persons in crisis and their own                
                  spiritual advisors.
3.  Coordinate follow-up counseling for those indicating both a need and an               
                 interest in such help.
4.  Lighten the burden of the law enforcement officer by assisting, when  
                 requested, in the performance of tasks which tend to have a greater                          
                 spiritual, rather than legal, implication, e.g., death messages, domestic                         
                 disturbances, lonely person calls, spiritual counseling requests, etc.
            These services will be provided on an on-call basis 24 hours a day, seven days a   
 week to the Emergency Services Agencies within St. Louis County.